The church invisible

The kingdom of God/heaven is within you. Each Christian  knows in his heart if he belongs to Christ. His Christianity is not about which church he attends (or how often), or how much he gives to the poor, or how much he prays and reads the bible. There are no brownie points in heaven for extra service in witnessing, or missionary work.

Each one of us must give account of our lives and we can only hope Jesus will say, “Well done, my good and faithful servant.” Billy Graham was in agreement with this.

Many non Christians would love to believe in Jesus if they could be free of the religious trappings that have hung onto historical Christianity.They might say there are too many rules to follow. Their lifestyle doesn’t allow them to attend church services. They don’t know which denomination to join.

My mother was devout and religious, but she was open minded and loved with the love of Christ. Her tolerance of my own brand of Christianity allowed us to fellowship together without arguing doctrines or demanding any behavior adjustments of one another.

My advice is to begin to pray and to seek the one true God. To ask him to reveal himself to you. All spiritual development in this life is fraught with a mixture of wheat and tares. I am forgiven of my sins, I am a sinner, and I will be this way till I am perfected after this life.