Universal call to minimum repentance

jeremiah 22:3
by Vincent Clark on April 27, 2017
Our minimum repentance is a limited act of kindness, mercy, or benevolence to a person (or persons) in need resulting in incremental blessing that produce greater awareness of God's character as a loving God. Read More ...

It's not enough to say, "I'm sorry." Part 1

by Vincent Clark on January 23, 2017
When is repentance real? When does repentance result in conversion and a transformation of the inner man? When do the sins of our past become forgotten and our broken relationships become restored? In other words, when do we develop the fruits of repentance? Read More ...

The fall of Jerusalem 586 BCE

by Vincent Clark on December 20, 2016
The fall of Jerusalem in 586 BCE represents the nexus (or crossroad) of all of history, Western Civilization in particular. Before the fall, the Jews and descendants of Abraham were partakers of a National Covenant with God Almighty. Read More ...