I am a regent trainee Part 2

I am a regent trainee
by Vincent Clark on December 4, 2017
What shall we do while Jesus tarries? There is a purpose that fulfillment of prophecy in the book of Revelation remains in the future. Read More ...

Parables - from God's heart to yours

Parables of Jesus
by Vincent Clark on October 12, 2017
The parables of Jesus represent the essence of his teachings. If you were raised in a Christian tradition you will be quite familiar with a few of them. Here is your jumping off point from lost to found, from judgement to forgiveness, from tares to wheat, from hate to love, from duplicity to truth. These simple stories reveal the essence of God's heart spoken in plain language whose morals can be understood by children. Read More ...

One pearl of great price

by Vincent Clark on February 9, 2017
Call it passion. Call it obsession. Call it single minded devotion, giving up everything to obtain one pearl of great price. What is your treasure? How devoted are you to obtaining it? One pearl of great price is worth more than all other treasures. This tiny parable of Jesus speaks volumes. Read More ...

Tares of Tertullian

by Vincent Clark on December 29, 2016
Tertullian betrayed (or ignored) the teachings of Christ in order to promote and defend orthodox Christian religion. Constantine hijacked Tertullian's organization to consolidate his power as Roman emperor and head of the new state religion. Read More ...