I am a regent trainee Part 2

I am a regent trainee
by Vincent Clark on December 4, 2017
What shall we do while Jesus tarries? There is a purpose that fulfillment of prophecy in the book of Revelation remains in the future. Read More ...


Handel's Messiah
by Vincent Clark on November 19, 2017
Who is the Messiah? In 1741, George Frederick Handel produced a musical masterpiece that is popular to this day at Christmas celebrations world wide. Read More ...

The Resurrection of Gavin Stone

The resurrection of Gavin Stone
by Vincent Clark on October 20, 2017
"I believe." Words to explain the transformation that took place in the titular character in this contemporary story of a man who had made some bad decisions and ended up doing community service at a mega church Read More ...

Let the dead bury their own dead

Follow Jesus
by Vincent Clark on October 17, 2017
In one sentence Jesus declared all political activism off limits to his followers.The kingdom of God is within you and the world cannot be transformed by political activism. So the only way to promote the kingdom of God is through proclaiming it and living it. Read More ...

Lessons from Luther

by Vincent Clark on September 23, 2017
For years I wanted to walk in the footsteps of the patriarch Abraham. I wanted the faith of Abraham, the wisdom of Abraham, as well as the promises and covenants given to Abraham. In short, I felt that Abraham practiced a religion that did not resemble the idolatries of his day. His relationship with the one true God was firm and powerful. Read More ...

I am a regent trainee Part 1

Crown, sword, globe, scepter indicating power of the
by Vincent Clark on May 4, 2017
I am a regent trainee. My king is Jesus Christ. His kingdom is the kingdom of heaven (kingdom of God). Following are some thoughts concerning what a regent in training will learn and do. Read More ...

Abraham-the first first responder

Abraham and the Battle to save Lot
by Vincent Clark on April 10, 2017
First responders save lives. You can take a lesson from the patriarch Abraham when he rescued his nephew and his family from captivity. Read More ...