Elisha, shadow of Jesus

Elisha, shadow of Jesus
by Vincent Clark on December 2, 2017
The ministry of Elisha (851 BC to 841 BC) gives us a glimpse and a foreshadowing of the ministry of Jesus Christ and the final battle in Revelation. Read More ...

Let the dead bury their own dead

Follow Jesus
by Vincent Clark on October 17, 2017
In one sentence Jesus declared all political activism off limits to his followers.The kingdom of God is within you and the world cannot be transformed by political activism. So the only way to promote the kingdom of God is through proclaiming it and living it. Read More ...

Lessons from Luther

by Vincent Clark on September 23, 2017
For years I wanted to walk in the footsteps of the patriarch Abraham. I wanted the faith of Abraham, the wisdom of Abraham, as well as the promises and covenants given to Abraham. In short, I felt that Abraham practiced a religion that did not resemble the idolatries of his day. His relationship with the one true God was firm and powerful. Read More ...

Valley of decision

by Vincent Clark on July 11, 2017
God's grace is poured out on all mankind in many ways yet we constantly postpone our decision to acknowledge him and his benevolent mercy. Stop procrastinating! Today is the day of salvation. This is your Valley of decision. Read More ...

Philip disappears, again

Philip the evangelist
by Vincent Clark on June 11, 2017
Interview with Philip the evangelist in 29 AD. Read More ...


by Vincent Clark on May 12, 2017
Melchizedek stepped lightly onto the valley floor surprised at the heat emanating from it at this early hour. He looked up to the south as the bright sunlight reflected off the meager buildings of his holy city while everything else was still bathed in cool shadow. The desert breeze felt harsh and unforgiving on his bare face. Read More ...

Abraham-the first first responder

Abraham and the Battle to save Lot
by Vincent Clark on April 10, 2017
First responders save lives. You can take a lesson from the patriarch Abraham when he rescued his nephew and his family from captivity. Read More ...

The Righteous Branch

by Vincent Clark on March 14, 2017
Josiah was the last good king in the line of David. His son Jechoniah did evil and only reigned three months. From the Gospel of Matthew, his descendants are in the line of Joseph, husband of Mary. This is the Righteous Branch of the descendants of David (interpreting 'branch' as in branch of a family tree) Read More ...

When God is silent

by Vincent Clark on January 12, 2017
When God speaks, we know for sure what he wants and what he is doing. When God is silent we are left with a mystery. How do we know what God wants if we don't hear him directly? Read More ...

Tares of Tertullian

by Vincent Clark on December 29, 2016
Tertullian betrayed (or ignored) the teachings of Christ in order to promote and defend orthodox Christian religion. Constantine hijacked Tertullian's organization to consolidate his power as Roman emperor and head of the new state religion. Read More ...