Dear Kenneth Copeland

by Vincent Clark on January 24, 2020
Yesterday in your broadcast series previously aired July 11-15, 2016, you made a covenant with God saying,  "I covenant with you that I will never worry, never be concerned, anxious about anything again as long as I live on this earth." (time stamp: 9:16) Click on thumbnail for broadcast video page It is my understanding that God has already made a covenant with each of us, and it is enough to cover every situation. God's covenant with us is already fulfilled. All we must do is accept it and live


by Vincent Clark on May 12, 2017
Melchizedek stepped lightly onto the valley floor surprised at the heat emanating from it at this early hour. He looked up to the south as the bright sunlight reflected off the meager buildings of his holy city while everything else was still bathed in cool shadow. The desert breeze felt harsh and unforgiving on his bare face. Read More ...

Alpha and Omega-a story of two covenants

by Vincent Clark on December 22, 2016
God made at least two covenants with Abraham and his descendants -- a National Covenant and a Personal Covenant.There are also two versions: Old Covenant and New Covenant. Read More ...

The fall of Jerusalem 586 BCE

by Vincent Clark on December 20, 2016
The fall of Jerusalem in 586 BCE represents the nexus (or crossroad) of all of history, Western Civilization in particular. Before the fall, the Jews and descendants of Abraham were partakers of a National Covenant with God Almighty. Read More ...