The Resurrection of Gavin Stone

“I believe.” Words to explain the transformation that took place in the titular character in this contemporary story of a man who had made some bad decisions and ended up doing community service at a mega church. As a has-been child actor with a history of substance abuse and relationship issues, Gavin Stone takes the role of Jesus in the Easter Play put on by the church.

This contemporary outreach tool for English speakers rivals Jesus Christ Superstar in its effect on the world. Not one Bible verse, not one sanctimonious scene, not one awkward encounter can be found. Just ordinary people with goodness in their heart. Believers mixed with unbelievers and all are treated with respect and dignity.

I recommend that churches host this movie to reach out to the world and show what regular people who serve a miraculous God can do to influence for good those around them. You never know how your Christian witness will impact others.