The life of Abraham and PTHD

The patriarch Abraham is a mysterious figure in the Bible. After reviewing all scriptures relating to his life from the book of Genesis, there still are many questions that I would like to have answered.  A new technique called ‘Pre Testament Hypothesis’ is a speculation on the life of Abraham in which plausible answers are revealed.

Introducing PTHD

Pre Testament Hypothesis is the pseudo-scientific process of speculating with minimal evidences on the  origins of the book of Genesis. It requires a thorough knowledge of the entire Bible, along with faith in Jesus Christ to allow out-of-the-box imagination. It assumes that Abraham did not write anything down, that he transmitted his story as oral history to his sons and grandsons. The stories he didn’t tell may have been too private or dangerous to reveal at that time.

PTHD is the name I give to my peculiar illness that makes me want to imagine the life of Abraham in this way–Pre Testament Hypothesis Disorder. In future  writings, I will refer to PTHD as a shorthand expression that my conclusions are coming from this way of thinking.

Some questions I would like to have answered

  • How did Abraham recognize God?
  • Did God play with him as a little boy?
  • Why would Abraham believe God when almost everyone else were idolaters?
  • Why did Abraham become a nomad?
  • What sort of religious rituals and beliefs were prevalent in Abraham’s childhood?
  • Were Abraham’s parents godly?
  • How did Abraham recognize Melchizedek as priest of God Most High after the slaughter of the Kings?
  • Why did God make his covenants with Abraham after the meeting with Melchizedek?

Abraham and Jesus Christ

John 8:56 New International Version (NIV)
56 Your father Abraham rejoiced at the thought of seeing my day; he saw it and was glad.”

PTHD says that Abraham met Jesus in person. But how did this happen? Did Jesus miraculously materialize in Abraham’s time or did Abraham travel forward through time to meet Jesus in His time? Whatever the answer, the religious leaders considered this to be sacrilege.They could not imagine a universe where God can manipulate matter and time.