FTH and Emperor Qin’s Terra-Cotta Army

world history chart

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The ancient history of China is shrouded in mystery and darkness. Recent archeological discoveries have revealed new information about the first emperor of the Cin Dynasty. It is now possible to include Chinese civilization in the Fullness of Time Hypothesis.

Fullness of Time Hypothesis

The Fullness of Time Hypothesis (FTH) suggests that God prepared the world for the coming of Jesus Christ by transforming the belief systems of major civilizations and homogenizing cultures for rapid communication.

The transition period had arbitrarily been set at between 586 BC (after the destruction of Jerusalem by Nebuchadnezzar II) and 323 BC (after the death of Alexander the Great). However, with the archeological findings near the tomb of the first Emperor of the Cin dynasty, we might extend the dates to include the warring period beginning around 400 BC to the death of Emperor Cin in 206 BC. (See the world history chart above for visual details.)

Consolidation of the warring states into the Cin Empire was accomplished through improved weapons and tactics. Weapons include armor-piercing bronze arrow points, fast and powerful crossbows and bronze halibuts against cavalry.

Emperor Cin created the first road system and canal system in China. He also standardized government administration and language in the newly unified China. Real historians might find additional accomplishments that demonstrate this tectonic shift in civilization that initiated the Fullness of Time process.

Like Hellenism, China developed a secular governmental system that paved the way for individual decision in spiritual/religious belief. These influences mirror other empires around the world at the time of the Birth of Christ.

Evangelism in China

The government of China continues to present a determined opposition to christian missionaries and to Christianity itself. This also seems to mirror the early centuries of the spread of Christianity in the Roman Empire. Maybe with determined study and revelation from the Holy Spirit, we will find the context and better approach to evangelism in China. Perhaps there will be a new Constantine the Great for China.