It’s an indescribable interior experience of great joy and goodness. Everyone wants to experience it. We say, “He/She takes my breath away.”  We search for it in sexual relationships, music, theater, carnival rides, drugs, religion and meditation. Teresa of Avila refers to it this way. (Interior Castle/Sixth Mansions/Ch IV)

For when He means to enrapture this soul, it loses its power of breathing, with the result that, although its other senses sometimes remain active a little longer, it cannot possibly speak. At other times it loses all its powers at once, and the hands and the body grow so cold that the body seems no longer to have a soul–sometimes it even seems doubtful if there is any breath in the body. This lasts only for a short time (I mean only for a short period at any one time) because, when this profound suspension lifts a little, the body seems to come partly to itself again, and draws breath, though only to die once more, and, in doing so, to give fuller life to the soul. Complete ecstasy, therefore does not last long.

Secular Humanism

When scientists try to study enraptured, they use CT scans and bio metrics. They search for the spiritual in the physical.

NASA’s New Horizons spacecraft flew past Ultima Thule in the early hours of New Year’s Day, ushering in the era of exploration from the enigmatic Kuiper Belt, a region of primordial objects that holds keys to understanding the origins of the solar system. It’s twenty-year mission took it four billion miles from the sun to help answer the question, “How did the solar system form?” The scientists and engineers on the project expressed great joy at the successful accomplishment. One even went so far as to say, “This will help us understand where we came from and our purpose on earth.”


Buddhist meditation gives personal feelings of comfort and joy with the purpose of enlightenment (or understanding) in order to reduce suffering. It is effective in moderating bodily functions and consciousness.

Fullness of time

Mystics and religious ascetics have sought this expression of experience with God throughout the ages, but especially since the Fifth Century BC. The oracle at Delphi used smoke or drugs to achieve a trance-like state while giving the prophecy. Religious idolaters refuse to accept the authenticity of inner spiritual experience. Here in the personal inner sanctum, they have no control.

Hebrews 10:31

It is a fearful thing to fall into the hands of the living God.


Teresa advises us to be courageous. (Interior Castle/Sixth Mansions/Ch V)

. . . when I reflect how the great power of this great King and Emperor manifests itself here. What, then, must be the feelings of anyone who experiences it? For my own part I believe that, if His Majesty were to reveal Himself to those who journey through the world to their perdition as He does to these souls, they would not dare–out of very fear, though not perhaps out of love–to offend Him. Oh, how great, then, are the obligations attending souls who have been warned in so sublime a way to strive with all their might so as not to offend this Lord! . . .

This is another reason why the soul needs great courage, for the thought is one which makes it very fearful, and, did Our Lord not give it courage, it would continually be in great affliction.

The takeaway message is to have the courage to seek God, Jesus Christ through personal study, prayer, and contemplation. There is a great benefit when He allows you to to become enraptured.