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FTH and authority (2)

by Vincent Clark on August 12, 2019
Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done in earth, as it is in heaven. — Until Jesus Christ, (Messiah, Son of God) taught us to pray the Lord’s Prayer, no one on earth knew that Almighty God was implementing and energizing his promises and covenants to Abraham through Jesus. Today is the fullness of time. Today is the day you and I can activate the authority of Jesus Christ through prayer. Read More ...

FTH and authority (1)

by Vincent Clark on May 20, 2019
The authority of Jesus Christ comes from his anointing which was promised to Abraham's seed as BLESSING. All believers can exercise this authority in the fullness of time as they mature. As we exercise this authority, we will do the things Jesus Christ did in his earthly ministry because that same anointing is upon us. This is the most profound teaching since the concept of justification by faith given to us by Martin Luther in 1517. Read More ...

FTH and Emperor Qin's Terra-Cotta Army

by Vincent Clark on April 8, 2019
The ancient history of China is shrouded in mystery and darkness. Recent archeological discoveries have revealed new information about the first emperor of the Cin Dynasty. It is now possible to include Chinese civilization in the Fullness of Time Hypothesis. Read More ...

FTH and adoption

by Vincent Clark on March 18, 2019
In the Old Testament, God made covenants and promises to Abraham. But when Jesus came in the fullness of time, God chose adoption to claim us as his own children. That's right, we are in God's family. Galatians 4:4-7 King James Version (KJV) 4 But when the fulness of the time was come, God sent forth his Son, made of a woman, made under the law, 5 To redeem them that were under the law, that we might receive the adoption of sons. 6 And because ye are sons, God hath sent forth

FTH and wholeness

by Vincent Clark on March 6, 2019
Wholeness means unhurt, healed, restored, intact, physically sound and healthy, mentally or emotionally sound, complete, entire, unbroken, uncut, concentrated, and/or the entirety of a person's nature or development. Our understanding of wholeness comes directly from Classical Greek culture and philosophy. Fullness of time hypothesis The Fullness of Time Hypothesis suggests that God changed the world after the destruction of Jerusalem and subsequent diaspora of the Jews in order to prepare for the coming of the Messiah. The national covenant of Moses was abolished, Nebuchadnezzar had completed the destruction of the

A call to quiet

by Vincent Clark on February 20, 2019
Spiritual warfare is prayer and listening to God. This is not a call to arms, it is a call to quiet. Quiet Christianity has three words that begin with P--prayer, petition, passive. Prayer must be in secret, hence quiet. Petition the Father for what you need. Passive waiting on God is the hardest thing to do. It requires trust, faith, and perseverance. Christians everywhere will do well to return to basics and listen to the teachings of Jesus. Noisy Christianity Noisy Christianity involves preaching, protesting, and political activity. Let's go

FTH and the interior life

by Vincent Clark on February 4, 2019
The Fullness of Time Hypothesis suggests that God changed the world after the destruction of Jerusalem and subsequent diaspora of the Jews in order to prepare for the coming of the Messiah. A study of world history demonstrates how people are different today as compared to ancient times. We have a strong sense of our interior life and an independent will that understands belief systems and is capable of changing. This interior life is one where the kingdom of god resides and how we come to believe in Jesus Christ.

Idolatry of the written Word

by Vincent Clark on February 2, 2019
Christian religious idolaters in positions of authority exercise power and control over their followers. One weapon in their arsenal is the written word of God--The Holy Bible. Here is where immature Christians fall under the influence of Satan through blind obedience to their leader, who alone claims the power of interpretation of scriptures. The living Word Jesus Christ is the living word of God. He lives in my heart and he speaks to me through his written word. As I read the Bible, the Holy Spirit brings the scriptures alive

Saying yes to Jesus

by Vincent Clark on January 22, 2019
Every one devoted to Jesus Christ may still harbor a secret idolatry. I include myself in this group. Here is where our christian walk meets the hard realities of the teachings of Jesus. Unless we say 'yes' to his call, we are still in idolatry. Read More ...


by Vincent Clark on January 4, 2019
It's an indescribable interior experience of great joy and goodness. Everyone wants to experience it. We say, "He/She takes my breath away."  We search for it in sexual relationships, music, theater, carnival rides, drugs, religion and meditation. Teresa of Avila refers to it this way. (Interior Castle/Sixth Mansions/Ch IV) For when He means to enrapture this soul, it loses its power of breathing, with the result that, although its other senses sometimes remain active a little longer, it cannot possibly speak. At other times it loses all its powers at